Friday, February 20, 2009

Being spontaneous

I've noticed a trend lately, I seem to become a debby downer by the end of the week since school/life seems to speed up and get rough. Yes I still blog, but actually have had no motivation to post lately. I am tired and wiped when I get home, so imagine trying to do homework, laundry, cleaning, cooking, checking emails, and blogging while sleepy. Mind you, I did not sleep well at all last night because I decided to change my dull weekend this weekend.

This weekend, my friend and I are driving to Lampasas and being spontaneous. We both have a required event on Saturday morning, but around 2ish tomorrow, we are hitting the road. Destination: no phone service, no Internet, just peace and quiet plus being able to see my mom, dad, brother, brother's friend, sister, and sister's friend as a plus.

My dad and his company have several hundred acres of land (where they hunt as well) and everyone is heading up there this weekend. They are already there and looking forward to my friend's and mine's arrival. I am hoping it is just a 2.5-3 hour drive. My friend will be my direction helper since I have never gone from collegetown to Lampasas before. Yes I have been from my house, but it is driving and no parents to direct. So if you think of me tomorrow, pray for safe travel and direction. I have an idea and map to where I am going, but it is just different w/o the parentals there.

Dad and I had a conversation last night too and he asked why I was driving 3 hours there for just about 20 hours, then driving back and starting another week off. My words exactly..."I need a vacation and this is the only one I can get for another month." I need this little retreat. Yes, it's only for a couple of hours, but it is something. He may not understand, but I am so excited for this. I promise to take LOTS of pictures and relax just a wee bit.

As for the homework front, I am taking some with me and am hoping to type up stuff that is due Monday. Oh and did I forget to mention that I am teaching 15 home school kiddos PE for 45 minutes Monday...well I am. So I am hoping to get my lesson plans and activities done ASAP too.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Relax a little and enjoy time off :) I will be back on Monday to do the Not Me Monday and do I have LOTS to report too. Enjoy the sweet weekend folks!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


Tim said...

Thanks for asking. I am going to post on his page about it now. He seems to be doing fine. We didnt get him to the hospital soon enough for charcoal or anything, but the doctor said he probably wouldnt have done that anyway because the main thing they worry about it the iron. These vitamins didnt have any iron so basically hes just hopped up on vitamins and cant have any for at least 2 months.

Ill post all the details on his blog.

Oh yeah and how did you get the Mckrackens to follow you? I have left them comments for the longest time and nothing but maybe one comment from her. If course she will probably see this and then I will be in trouble. Oh well.

You have a great weekend too!

Love and Prayers,


P.S. Didnt Hollie jam on my new look? Im still not over it. May not ever be. I love it SOOO much.

Becky said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I have to laugh at your post b/c I went to Liberty University in Virginia and I would drive home (10 hours) to Michigan for 2 days. It was SO worth it! Sometimes you just have to go for it. Congrats on your spontaneous move.


Natalie said...

Hope you have a great little vacation and can gather enough strength for the upcoming week!

Hollie said...

GIRL! You are CARAAAZY busy...every time I read, I am not sure how you do it all. If you are like me though, I rather be maybe it's a good thing! I'm praying for safe travel & direction and also praying you return with a renewed spirit!

Oh yea, have fun teaching PE...that sounds like a blast!

Lindsey said...

Girl, you def deserve this vacay! I hope it's great and you get to relax! Looking forward to the pics!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

Hope you have a great trip!!! Sounds like this will do you a world of good. :)

Missy said...

Have a great weekend & be safe. Rest & Relax - sounds like a cure for the Debby Downers! Oh, and plus spending time with loved ones!

amanda said...

have a super fun time! it's nice to get away...

Lane said...

Lampasas...I cringe at the name. The last time I was there, younger Lane and his Varsity basketball team were drilled in the barn-like gym by over 80 points. (I still think they used seven players.)

PE is cool...anything not TAKS related is cool.

Have fun and enjoy the weekend.


Nonni said...

So glad you going to meet the family for a brief holiday. Also glad you are having a friend to drive with you...hope you find it easily.
Have a great time, rest, relax and come back safely, all ready for the next week.
Love you LOTS,

Wayne said...

great post I hope you enjoy your weekend

Rachael said...

i hope that your weekend was/is awesome!

Beth E. said...

Wow...I don't see how you do it all! I pray you are having a great getaway and that you'll come back refreshed, relaxed, and ready for your week!

Stop by my blog if you can...I have a great contest going!

Love you

angie said...

Hooray for a little vacation. You deserve it and I hope you have/had a wonderful, restful, happy time!