Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Super easy crockpot Mexi Chicken

Need a quick and easy crockpot recipe that requires just a few ingredients and cooks to perfection? Look no further than Mexi Chicken. This was a total experiment that worked! 

Love it when that happens. ;) 

Crockpot Mexi Chicken 
Serves 6-8 

* 8 chicken breasts (cut in half)
* 1 28oz can Rotel (used original)
* 1 16oz container of salsa (used mild)
* 2 8oz cans corn 
* 3-4 cups chicken stalk
* Spices: Cumin, chili powder, and a touch of salt

Combine all ingredients and stir. Cover and cook for 8 hours. 
Before serving, shred chicken. 

These leftovers rock too!  

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gluten Free family approved recipes: A must have

Looking for a cookbook with simple ingredients and mixes? Look no further than Pam Jordan's Gluten Free family approved Recipes

Pam uses everyday ingredients to make for her family and shares them with the public. From quick banana pancakes to her awesome One Dish wonder, Pam rocks the GF world and makes it easy to prepare wholesome meals and side dishes. 

I HIGHLY recommend Pam Jordan's Gluten Free family approved Recipes book to all. If you live with other restrictions, the recipes are easily adaptable and substitutions can be made with ease. Two personal favorites include the One Dish wonder and Lemon squares. To see more recipes and to check her out, see her blog

About the author: Pam Jordan is the author and blogger of ImaCeliac and a Celiac herself. With over three years of gluten free experience, she puts minds to ease as she takes simple ingredients and mixes and makes fabulous creations with little effort. As a mom with three young children plus a working professional, Pam highlights some of her family favorites that are sure not to disappoint.

Disclosure: This review contains my own opinions.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Failed soy lecithin challenge

Lately, I have been testing the waters with my soy lecithin allergy. I am still highly anaphylactic to soy protein and oil but have been have been having good luck with soy lecithin as the seventh or more ingredient. Meaning, if soy lecithin is the seventh ingredient or less down the ingredient list, I was okay.

Last night proved that I am still highly allergic to it and that just truly stinks. Most soy allergics are okay with soy oil and lecithin {source}. I, unfortunately, am not.

I tried a product with soy lecithin as the fifth ingredient just to see. I was fine, initially, but was covered in hives and miserable 30 minutes later. The rest of the night, I was just off thanks to the enormous amount of benedryl I took. My eyes were itchier than normal but I couldn't tell if that was related or not.

So, soy lecithin is now off the table completely and it stinks. Soy lecithin is in so much. It would have been more convenience but still. A failed challenge just bites.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Recap of #GFAFevent in Austin, Texas

Where to begin? The weekend of the #GFAFevent was spectacular!

Pam's GF shirts were a hit!

HUGE shout out to Pam@ImaCeliac for being the blogger organizer and Red Apple Lipstick for sponsoring the bloggers of the #GFAFevent!

I found a few new products that I've never seen before and they were good! :) Then, there were several favorites that were just fab too! Below are pictures from the event! All products are Gluten free and some are also food-allergy friendly as well. 

Noosa Yoghurt, Namaste GF and top 8 free products, Ebenezer Foods, & Kinnikinnick

Oatmega, Udi's, and Say Cheezz Brazilian tapioca cheese rolls

By far my favorite new item! Better Bites Bakery is GF, food allergy friendly, corn free, and vegan! They were so sweet and I couldn't not share! Their cookie dough cake balls were amazing! When I say amazing, I mean swoon! Heavenly!

Enjoy Life rocked with the samples and presence. It's nice when there is a company where you don't have to guess if product x has soy/wheat/ect. All of their products are GF, top 8 free, and more! Truly amazing company! 

A few highlighted brands of the expo...

* Red Apple Lipstick: They are awesome and willing to go above and beyond for their customers. Their makeup is soy free, vegan, GF, and more! They rock and provide amazing products! 

Better Bites Bakery is GF, food allergy friendly, corn free, and vegan! They were so sweet and I couldn't not share! Their cookie dough cake balls were amazing! When I say amazing, I mean swoon! Heavenly!

Enjoy Life Foods: They rock my world!! Enjoy Life is top 8 free as well as free of sesame, sulfites, potato, and fillers. They are PR friendly (x1000) and truly rock. They are fabulous about giving samples too. 

* Udi's Gluten Free: Their millet-chia bread is amazing and my favorite! It is also soy, nut, and more free. They have breads and other GF products that are available in most health food stores.

* Namaste Foods: All products are GF, top-8 free, corn free, and potato free. I love their brownie mixture and their spice cake is divine too. 

* Say Cheezz: Gluten free Brazilian rolls with style. With three flavors to choose from, they give the roll style without the gluten. I was really impressed with the regular and sun dried tomato sample. They also have a bacon roll too. 

* Noosa Yoghurt: Noose is heaven in a container. It's not greek but has a heavier texture than regular yoghurt. I have found it at Super Target with the yogurts and they said they're also in Costco. 

* Tito's Vodka: Made in Texas and GF! It's delicious with Fruit punch! :)

To view all the vendors from this event, please visit the GFAF Austin event page.

This expo was amazing and I am so grateful I was able to attend this fabulous event! If you ever have a chance to go to any local expo, jump at the chance. It's not just about the samples, it's about the relationships you will form, with others, and the bond you all share as a whole community. 

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. I attended this event as a blogger.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

GF & top 8 free mug cake

Finally, a simple yet awesome mug recipe that's easy to make and oh so good!

A friend of mine said I could share this basic recipe with you. She used King Arthur's GF and top 8 free chocolate cake mix. I used Cherrybrook's GF and top 8 free chocolate cake mix. I doubled this in a soup mug and it was phenomenal and so easy!

GF mug cake recipe

5T of GF chocolate cake mix
2T oil
3T water
dash of vanilla

Whisk and microwave for 1:45-2 minutes.

This recipe is free of the common top 8 allergens and gluten free too.


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