Saturday, March 24, 2012

A student's loss with tears

It breaks your heart. Seeing a student struggle this week broke my heart. My student's mother died over Spring break and I have no words to describe how heartbreaking that is. He came back to school on Monday and the week got worse and worse as time went on. He did okay on Monday and Tuesday but reality set in Wednesday and his behavior went down hill the rest of the week.

Who can blame him?

A first grader losing his mom unexpectedly sucks. Pure and simple. My heart aches for him, his siblings, and his family. He is so sad and I just want to cry with him.

While I don't condone his acting out, I do know that it's normal. Comforting him with a hug and embracing him is the only way I know how. Praying, by myself, is the only other resort I can give right now.

I don't know the details.

All I know is a first grader lost his mother last week and he is devastated.

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