Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TOXIC relationships

My plans have been to blog more often than not but then January rolled around, I got stabbed in the back, and all heck broke loose. People that I thought were my co-workers and friends stabbed me in the back and caused my job to take a fall. It really took me hard and I am having difficulty trusting who I work with now. I will not go into specifics but my work relationships have suffered due to the people I thought I could trust and they turned around and talked bad about me.

This, in theory, would be called a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship can present in various forms and it is hard to understand why people turn on other people. But, I have learned a hard lesson from this. You can't trust someone fully until you know them and are able to read their actions toward and for you. My dad said that I can "never trust anyone" but I am curious how I could talk to anyone without it coming back to bite me. He said that I have to read and observe before trusting.

That is very hard for me as I am a teacher and a fixer. I don't like seeing people in pain or in wrong. However, in order for me to move forward, I can't fix the world.

Moving forward, for my job, would mean getting out of my present school and starting fresh next year. To do that, I need the recommendation for a position next year. So, I am sticking it out, keeping to myself, and just doing my job the best I know how.

It's not my ideal mindset but it's something I have to do in order to succeed in my current area.

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