Saturday, December 31, 2011

Always a work in progress

As I reflect on 2011, I've got to say that I won't be making any monumental goals for 2012. 2011 has been full of celebration and loss, triumph and joy, and more. While some may be ready for 2011 to end, I'm not. Ready or not, tomorrow starts a new year.

This next year, however, I will not be making out of this world goals or resolutions for just one year. I will make progress towards a healthier me by continuing to work out with Mr. Trainer. I will also work on balancing my diet a bit more. These are not, however, goals just for 2012; they're for life. I've only got one body and need to work on it through pain and more. :)

2011 was full of memories, loss, and celebration. I have no clue what 2012 will be but am excited for a new year.

2012, Here I come!!

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