Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SPD and holiday crowds

I don't hide the fact that I have sensory processing disorder (SPD). I try and embrace it. But when holidays come around, my SPD can get in the way.

For instance, I like browsing down store aisles when it's a regular time of year. However, during the holidays, I get in and out in record time. I usually have to find a quiet spot and breathe for a few minutes. I get that. I usually go to stores when they first open or after 6pm. That way it's less traffic times.

There have been some times when I get stuck in crowds and I have to use a sensory input, such as a stress ball or squeeze ball, to keep on going.

For me, this is my normal. It gets me all riled up when people are pushy and rude at the stores. I get that people are in a rush but they are missing something.

Sure, you want to finish your to-do list but remember everyone has a reason for being there.

Embrace the holiday season!!

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