Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stream of Consciousness -- It's not an incurable disease

I have a beef to pick with some people but I'll just do it in five minutes.

I have life threatening food allergies and get the normal "what do you eat?" every few days. Sometimes I educate and other times I respond food. It gets old, though, when people think food allergies are an incurable disease or say "poor you" in the process.

Food Allergies are apart of me and I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes I get jealous that I just can't grab a taco from a stand but a reaction is not worth the risk. I have to read every label at least twice. Sure making 90% of my food can be difficult, at times, but that's just the way I roll. Grocery shopping takes me more time, now, since I re-read every label and scan for allergens.

Imagine if you had to read every food label and stay clear from: soy (all forms), wheat, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, & modified food starches. Would you know how to read a label and look out for allergens? Would you get used to label reading? YES but it takes time. Food allergies and cooking can be done. It just takes a little out of the box thinking and some creativity.

Here are some things I'd rather not hear come out of another person's mouth~

* "How do you live without wheat?" I just do!

* "I am so sorry for you" Why are you sorry? I am not bent out of shape about it.

* "I couldn't survive like you have" It's not really a choice. I just do it.

* "That's really unfortunate" It's not like I have an incurable disease. It's just food allergies.

* "Can't you just eat the food and then use your epi-pen?" No I can't and won't do something like that. Epi pen = a ride to the ER. Not happening if I can prevent it.

If you know someone with food allergies, think before you ask questions and know that your question may be the same one, for the third time, that day.

I am a human being with food allergies. I don't have a sign on my back that says food allergies. NOPE! Food Allergies do not rule my life; they are just a part of me.

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