Monday, January 10, 2011

I want & need your advice...PLEASE

I start Student Teaching a week from Wednesday (gulp)! I need your advice, suggestions, and opinions on what I can and can not wear while ST. I understand no low tops or pants (which I don't do anyway) but what do you like to see on your kids' teachers and friends? What is in style? Anything I should absolutely not wear? What do you like seeing on teachers?

To help you with your thoughts, I know that I will be in first grade through March 12th and then will be in forth grade through the beginning of May. I think I'll do more pants for first grade but have no sense of style. {Can't believe I am admitting this but it's true}

I need ideas for what to wear, combinations, what would look great, and what I should never attempt to wear together. I am six feet tall and wear a size 11/12 in Mens {that's 14/15 in Women}. I am looking at flats, that I can find, and closed toed shoes. I am no where near a size six, in size, right now but am working on it. I don't particularly like shopping for myself, let alone clothes, but am in desperate need of the teacher look!!

Ready...set...go (tell me what you like to see on teachers and professionals)!!

I really value your opinions and advice!!

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