Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feet surgery & a prayer request

Good Sunday morning to you! My intentions were not keep away from the computer but life happened. I had feet surgery on Friday afternoon to correct a problem with both feet and have been adjusting to not putting pressure on my big toes and not hitting them on anything. Stitches will come out Friday but until then I cannot get both feet and dressings wet. Fabulous I know. In all honesty, this needed to happen. You really can't describe the pain though. Walking this week will be a challenge but I will get through!

My prayer request is for healing and as little pain as possible. I am crossing my fingers for no infection and for strength to teach 3rd graders in the morning this week. It is part of my Maymester and I can't get out of it. As long as no one steps on the feet, I will be good!

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