Monday, May 10, 2010

Update about me

Want to know why I have been MIA for the past few weeks? Well I'll give you the short version!

Mono-I was diagnosed with Mono one month ago and I am feeling the severe fatigue symptom. Then I was told the fatigue could last for one to three months! Well fan-stinkin-tastic! I am a little perturbed that I can't work out right now, per doctor's orders, but I have zero left over so it may be best! (I won't admit that aloud though)

Allergies- My seasonal and environmental allergies are HORRIBLE right now! No relief in sight since this is the "worst pollen season in years!"

Finals-Finals with 19 hours kicked my REAR this semester. Granted I took 19 hours but still-finals are always difficult for me!

BUT I am so glad I hung in there because I came out with SIX A's and ONE B this semester!!! One of my finals was such a doosey that I had hoped I could even get a B and I did :) :) :)!!! I am a perfectionist and know it too! A's have never been easy for me and TONS of studying is involved.

Third grade- I have been spending my "off" days/mornings in a third grade classroom. I help out where ever needed and feel satisfaction by being there. I would not mind teaching third grade eventually!

Maymester- I start tomorrow for a 2.5 week course. Lots of stuff jammed into one session.

Friend-One of my dearest friends, whom has adopted me as her granddaughter, is in the hospital and will be for at least another week. I have been visiting with her once or twice a day depending on the day. She is 77 years old!

So there you have it! Why I have been busy these past few days!

Have a great week!!!

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