Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love shown through tough times

I spend my Saturdays at a friend of the family's home and do laundry while spending time with the couple that live there. Through out the years and even before I was born, Donna and Bill have always been a part of my family's life. My mom and uncle grew up with Donna and Bill's children and my grandma went to High School with D. So this family is VERY special to my heart!

Donna's health over the years has not always been the best but she has managed. This year, though, her health seems to be taking a turn for the worst and she spends a majority of the day in her bed or in a chair in the living room. Her balance is off and she tends to fall backwards when she stands causing her to take many falls. These falls result in black and blue spots. But her spirit is still there most days.

Then her husband Bill, who is gold by the way, is there helping her each and everyday. Bill cares so much for Donna and it is amazing how much he loves her even through thick and thin. He pretty much stays with her all day, everyday. He takes her to appointments, rearranges appointments if she cannot go, and is there to help HER. He relays on a nurse who helps her bathe once a week, a housekeeper every other week, and those who come to care for her to get a break. When I am there, he has no problem leaving her. But he stays if no one else is there.

Donna may not understand why Bill cares for her each and everyday and does not leave her alone with out someone else there with her. But I do and it is in the vows they took over 50 years ago "through sickness and health" all the days of their lives.

This shows true love and it is amazing to still hear and see it!

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