Friday, August 21, 2009

Mixed emotions

I have to go back to collegetown in two days, Sunday, and I am kindof not as excited as I should be. I mean, I love where I go to school, but this summer is kindof different. My sister is also going away to her separate collegetown and it is kindof strange to me. I know she is nervous and I am nervous for her. It's weird for her and I to both be gone this fall. It's weird that my books, this semester, made my mouth drop! It's just different this semester and I am a bag of mixed emotions right now.

Sure I am excited for the new year, but I really can't explain my emotions right now. Leaving my "safe sanctuary" to go to collegetown is just a bit strange to me this year. This summer was beyond amazing and I KNOW I will miss my brother, parents, and little snuggle dog too. I know I need to go....but uh!!!

The funny thing is that this is my third year at college and I did not feel as nervous last year as this year. I know I really don't like transitions and I know I will be okay, but I am just a bag full of mixed emotions right now. Lovely I know!

If you would, please keep me in your thoughts & prayers as I make yet another transition to collegetown this year. I know I will be okay; it's just the thought(s) that count right now.

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