Friday, August 21, 2009

Football season is among us

Most states take their sports pretty seriously, but here in Texas it's a way of life. You see, since my dad played through college, it has been drilled in my head that football rocks and it totally does now too :) So when the Cowboys played in the new stadium on tv tonight...guess what our family did??? We watched the game sweet peeps!!! And yes I loved it.

If you don't know about the new stadium the Dallas Cowboys have...then just google "new cowboys stadium" and you will see why this $1.2 million dollar place is a big deal. A funny thing happened tonight though & I thought I would share. There is a jumbo-tron behind the goal and up about 100 feet. Well during several kicks/goals it was hit and so it was the topic of discussion between the announcers and our family tonight :o You would think someone would have thought of raising it a tad...don't you think?? Oh well!

On Saturday morning my brother has his first scrimmage on the 8th grade football team and we are all going. We have to leave at 8:20am. I am BEYOND excited here people. If you can't tell...I LOVE FOOTBALL! I am hoping to see how well the team is and how well he does tomorrow.

Side note...I took him to orientation today and the coaches mentioned how tall he was and how he was as big as some of the HS players. This sure made his and their day :) He is in 8th grade and is, I think, 6foot and 1inch. Plus he is SOLID so he is well liked by the coaches already.

Thought I would give you a little more insight about my life too. During all four years of HS, I was my football team's water girl, manager, and trainer. That's right, I taped feet, smelled sweat, traveled with the team, and enjoyed every single second of it! I felt so included and loved the underclassmen below my grade level. The head coach was totally amazing and allowed me to even letter in football when I got a letter jacket.

So you see sweet runs in the family and I can't imagine life without it!!!

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