Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scenarios for Girls: A review

When I was approached to review these books, I was on cloud nine. Then I started wondering if I could or would relate to such teenagers in a book and the funny thing is I wish I had these books when I was in middle and high school. Teenagers try things and bend the rules to sometimes get their way.

O’Dell captures the difficulties teenagers face in middle and high school. I especially liked the interactive choices O’Dell gave to her readers. This allowed for readers to see what would happen if they chose the “good” direction and also what would happen if they chose the “not-so-good” direction. Putting the decisions in the hands of the reader goes to a whole new level and I was incredibly impressed that O’Dell got on the readers’ level.

Truth or Dare deals with how a Christian girl, Lindsay, could be persuaded to lie to her parents, break the law, and completely go against what she has been taught. O’Dell allows readers to interact with the characters in the book and then allows the reader to choose the “good” or “not-so-good” direction. The reader still can read what would happen when either direction was made as well.

All that Glitters deals with twin girls who decide to part ways their freshman year of high school. One of the twins decides to join the cheer leading squad and meets a football player along the way. This football player is two years older and Drew’s parents would not approve. So Drew starts sneaking around and is finally put up to the ultimate test when she has to choose between breaking many of her parents’ rules and going to an unsupervised party with the football player or standing up for what she knows is right. O’Dell gives the reader the choice and allows for the “good” or “no-so-good” choice to be chosen. The reader chooses what they would do and then reads on to see what happens.

Overall, O’Dell’s two books stunned and amazed me. Her writing talent shines through these books and I cannot wait for the next two to release in April of 2010. Both books are a MUST READ for any girl in middle or high school. Even though I am out of these grades, I wish there was something like this when I was in school. I still was on the edge of my seat while reading these two amazing books!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to any girl or woman! Even if you are out of middle/high school, you can still learn something new and connect with the characters in these books.

To read more about O'Dell's books, click on the images above. You can also view more information at Amazon and at Christianbook OR you can view the Scenarios website HERE.

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