Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gluten Free family approved recipes: A must have

Looking for a cookbook with simple ingredients and mixes? Look no further than Pam Jordan's Gluten Free family approved Recipes

Pam uses everyday ingredients to make for her family and shares them with the public. From quick banana pancakes to her awesome One Dish wonder, Pam rocks the GF world and makes it easy to prepare wholesome meals and side dishes. 

I HIGHLY recommend Pam Jordan's Gluten Free family approved Recipes book to all. If you live with other restrictions, the recipes are easily adaptable and substitutions can be made with ease. Two personal favorites include the One Dish wonder and Lemon squares. To see more recipes and to check her out, see her blog

About the author: Pam Jordan is the author and blogger of ImaCeliac and a Celiac herself. With over three years of gluten free experience, she puts minds to ease as she takes simple ingredients and mixes and makes fabulous creations with little effort. As a mom with three young children plus a working professional, Pam highlights some of her family favorites that are sure not to disappoint.

Disclosure: This review contains my own opinions.

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