Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Failed soy lecithin challenge

Lately, I have been testing the waters with my soy lecithin allergy. I am still highly anaphylactic to soy protein and oil but have been have been having good luck with soy lecithin as the seventh or more ingredient. Meaning, if soy lecithin is the seventh ingredient or less down the ingredient list, I was okay.

Last night proved that I am still highly allergic to it and that just truly stinks. Most soy allergics are okay with soy oil and lecithin {source}. I, unfortunately, am not.

I tried a product with soy lecithin as the fifth ingredient just to see. I was fine, initially, but was covered in hives and miserable 30 minutes later. The rest of the night, I was just off thanks to the enormous amount of benedryl I took. My eyes were itchier than normal but I couldn't tell if that was related or not.

So, soy lecithin is now off the table completely and it stinks. Soy lecithin is in so much. It would have been more convenience but still. A failed challenge just bites.

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