Monday, March 25, 2013

Something good about 140 characters

Twitter. A social media site that allows you to say it all in 140 characters or less. Something about it just makes me smile. Twitter is like Facebook but without all the drama. People encourage and support. It's a nice check in spot as well as a fast answer. Occasionally  or maybe once a day, someone will post a head shaking post and you just move on. 

Not only is Twitter supportive, it also is used by many companies and brands as well as twitter chats. Want to ask the CMO of Enjoy Life Foods a question? Just @EnjoyLifeCMO and he answers his own tweets! Many food allergy friendly companies tweet too and there's a great deal of information through the hashtag #foodallergy

Follow your favorite stars and feel like you're a part of the group as you get some information or tweets before the media reports them. Ooh, don't forget to follow your favorite musicians, actors, producers too. 

The possibilities are endless & there's something good about 140 characters or less.

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