Sunday, October 14, 2012

Update and getting back in the blogging groove

I took a break for a few reasons but I believe I am ready to get back in the blogging groove. Summer was crazy but it's mid-October and my schedule is pretty stable right now. ;) So why not start back up? Truth be told, I love blogging.
Update on my life right now 

Subbing is crazy and those 5AM sub calls are hard but I love what I do. 

I am also tutoring an autistic kiddo who has my heart. 

Work as the Children's minister for a local, small church is going well. I learned, over the summer, that church politics is not for me though. SO, I just do what I'm meant to do and leave it at that. 

My sister is a senior at A&M University and my brother is a junior in high school. How did that happen? 

We have four dogs, gained the fourth over the summer, and it is always hopping here. 

Medically, I am stable. My ENT is slowly weaning me off steroids and trying to find a balance with my sinus issues. 

Now if the humidity would vacate Texas, my asthma would be happy. :) 

I am working on getting a blog overhaul soon. It's time for a cleaner, simpler, and less pink blog.


Glad to be back! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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