Friday, October 12, 2012

The news isn't good anymore

I've stopped watching our local and most other news channels. It's not the reporters or stations. It's not the time of day or the local they're at.

It's about the content and hatred that I hear about that makes my stomach churn.

I stick to news apps, talk radio, and try to stay out of the room when the news on child abuse, abductions, and sex cases turn on. They make me physically ill and bring out so much anger.

How could someone take advantage of a child?

How could someone superglue a child to the wall and beat the kid into a coma?

How could someone kill their infant?

I can't understand the mindsets of those whom I hear about on the news.

I can control what I listen to/watch and it just makes me sad and full of emotions of all the bad stories I'm hearing.

The news has become so sad compared to reporting the good and bad and it not all focused on bad.

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