Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If you give an adult food allergies...

If you give an adult food allergies, they may sulk and feel sorry for themselves about said allergies.

While sulking about food allergies, the adult may seclude themselves.

While in seclusion, they may get lonely and ask for a hug.

While giving them a hug, they may thank you.

While they thank you, you will realize they are just another person.

When you see them as just another person, you will realize they are just like you and I except they can't have x foods since they make them sick.

Living with food allergies isn't the end of the world. However, outsiders, who do not deal with them day in and out, don't always know.

Some are born with food allergies or have them at a young age but others develop them while teenagers or adults.

Food Allergies, however the severe, do not make adults or children alike less human.

I just deal with anaphylaxis and carry an epi pen.

So what?!

I'm still the spunky me and that is
how I want to be treated. I'm human, I have food allergies, & I'm okay with it.

Accept it!

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