Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Size doesn't matter

Everywhere you turn, sizes are all around. From the size of a watermelon to a shirt size, they're around every corner. I've learned something though.

Even if you're a size 2 or size 22, charted sizes don't matter. It's how you feel and look to you. Who cares if you're not a size 2? I'll tell you right now, I've never been a size 2 and probably won't ever be. Does that mean I'm unhappy or look horrible? Of course not. There's more to me than the size of my clothes. I hope to come off as a caring person. You can't tell that from a generic size.
You can't tell from a size label how successful someone is. Granted, I work out and am building muscle but that just means I'm trying to live a healthy life. My supposed sized number doesn't give you that.
In all honesty, who cares what size someone is? Let's look at what they are capable of and their personality. Let's see how they work with others too.
A person has more than just a size to define them.

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