Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wishing, hoping, & praying for that perfect job

To say that I was disappointed when I didn't get my first teaching job out of college, last May, is an understatement. But, I moved on and have been subbing and acting as an Interventionist/Tutor for a local school for the past few months. I had my eyes opened when I started my current position in January. From the stories to the situations to the challenges, my life has changed for the better. I had no idea that what I didn't know would change so quickly.

I had my first interview, for next year, with my current school a week from this past Thursday. No specifics on the grade but I am hopeful. I have another interview, with a different district, on Monday with Special Services (Special Ed). I am excited and nervous but hopeful I will acquire a full time position for next year soon.

While my *dream* job is Special Education; I'd love to gain experience in any classroom right now. I can't be picky; I just want a job right now. ;) I have fallen in love with elementary, middle, and high school positions. I never thought in a million years that I would teach high school. But, my perspective has changed. Currently, I tutor and mentor high school students twice a week. Their stories as well as elementary stories have impacted me.

Whatever I teach, I will give it my all. Wherever I teach, I will give it my all.

For now, I will wish, hope, and pray that I am able to show my all in my interview so that I am able to give it my all next year.

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