Monday, March 12, 2012

I am THAT driver

It's no secret DFW is under a 7 year construction project and the roads are changing daily. Major props to the DFW connection, though, as they're very organized and are ahead of schedule. With the construction, there are construction zone speed limits.

Guess what? I follow them and I can spot a {sneaky} police officer a long distance away. Call me paranoid but I do not want a ticket, that could double in a construction zone, for going too fast. People can get mad and go around me. However, those construction speed limits are there for a reason and should be followed when construction workers are present. If there's no construction worker present, then the normal speed limit applies.

I've heard people and even my family say "I'll just go the flow of traffic." BUT what if the flow is faster than posted? I'll be THAT driver and slow down in construction zones. I try to use the right hand lane as much as possible but there are some times where the road forks and doesn't allow the right lane accessibility.

As I drove to Dallas this morning, I noticed something. If you are going too fast when the curves and turns occur, you can't just float in another lane. You're kind of SOL if you're going too fast. The lanes are already slim and those 18-wheelers can not stop fast enough. You go too fast and you're putting you and others in danger.

Even in a non-construction zone, I rarely go over the posted speed limit. Sometimes, I'll do five miles over but usually stay within the limit. It's just what I do!

So, to stay on the safe side, I will be THAT driver who follows construction zone speed limits, will stay in the right lane, and who can spot a police officer from a distance.

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