Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stream of consciousness: Season of my life today

When I saw Fadra's optional prompt for today's SOC (season of your life), I had to think about what that meant. To me, seasons can change as can situations. There's also what society defines us and what I, myself, think.

Right now, I'm a 20-something new teacher. Due to the economy, I didn't get a full time position this year. However, I am subbing and working as an Interventionist/Tutor for a local school district. I hope to get a full time (regular and/or special education) position next year.

I am currently working on losing weight. I've never been that skinny girl. I've always been "big boned" and lost 47 pounds since last January. Right now, I have a trainer who is working on building muscle and toning. It's working. :-)

I'm not like the average 20-something year old, though. I like coming home, changing to comfy clothes, and hanging out at home. I do laundry on Friday and Saturday nights. I hate shopping for clothes. I like to cook and organize. I like spending my online time helping families with food allergies, blogging, and connecting with people. I don't get out much but am okay with that. I like spending time with my family and friends.

I may not be the typical 20-something year old teacher but I am a-okay with that.


Happy Sunday!!!

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