Monday, February 27, 2012

You can still pray in public school

There are some days where I need a nap by 8am. It may have been a bad morning or I spilled my coffee all down my blouse.

Whatever the circumstance or situation, there's a time when the class is quiet.

In our local districts, it's called a moment of silence. This occurs after the morning announcements and before they sign off for the day. It's about 45 seconds to a minute and a half (depending on the day). Pencils are down and the class knows they can't make noise. It's still and quiet.

For those seconds, I pray for a good day and for my students. For whatever circumstance is going on. For that minute, I can get my head on straight. For that minute, I can mentally prepare how I know what works for me.

While I understand the separation of church and education; there's no rule about silent prayer. I don't involve my students. It's their time as much as mine. They think or do whatever they need to during that time silently as well. However, they are required to stay quiet just like I am.

The announcements say to think about the goals and how they will have a good day. For me, that's how I make sure my day is started out right.

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