Sunday, September 11, 2011

SOC Sunday-Never forgetting 9/11/01

Ten years ago today, and at this very moment, the twin towers had been destroyed by terrorists who hated America.

Do I think that the terrorists knew what day they were going to attack America? Absolutely! They knew exactly what day they were going to attack America and knew what the date meant-9/11.

9/11 chaos filled the streets of New York and Washington as the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were hit. Even if you didn't live in those two states, your world was rocked on 9/11.

Who in their right mind would attack America and cause such devastation? Who would kill innocent lives just because? Why would someone want to cause another person hell? I don't understand why the terrorists chose to target America but I truly believe they were cowards. Cowards to take an innocent life. Cowards to cause tears to flow. Cowards who could care less who they hurt. The heroes who fought back amaze me, still, today.

It does not seem like 10 years have passed. The wounds are still very fresh and I will never forget 9/11/01.


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