Sunday, August 28, 2011

SOC Sunday: Why animals are the best listeners


Good Sunday afternoon to you all. I don't know about you, but, for me, August has been ridiculously crazy. I am so ready for a new and fresh month. Maybe that's selfish of me but I'm just done with August. Anywho...I'll get to why animals are the best listeners.

We've always had dogs. They are a part of the family and are always close by. In my life, I've tried talking to some people and they have an opinion or a strategy to help me get over the bump in the road. They try to help, they do, but I tend to become more frustrated when I just want to vent and pour out my troubles.

In comes the dogs who, thankfully, can't speak like humans can. They listen and don't give their two cents about things. They comfort and just listen. They occasionally lick your hand or clean their paws but they are just there. They just listen. They don't grow wiry or you pouring out your heart. They give you, most of the time, their undivided attention.

They just "get it" and are some of the best listeners around.

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