Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miracle children all around

I have been blessed to know wonderful women, who I call friends to this day, and have seen their miracles grow up before my eyes. I have to count my blessings and am grateful to see that miracles do happen all around us. Here are a few miracles I've witnessed:

* Cristi's kids - Heart transplant recipient and military family.

* Steece quads - will be FOUR next month. Born preemies and thriving now!

* McNulty quads - who have turned FIVE and start Kindergarten this fall. {Where does time go?}

* Murray quads - Four boys who sure know how to make you smile.

* Cochran quads - when you need to smile, the Cochran crew knows just what to do!

* Tammie and the Hellions - Five years old, triple the laughs, and Tammie is too funny!

* Tader babies - who are thriving after being born at 32 weeks!

Children are miracles!!

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