Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's HOT outside

I was going to do a week in numbers post but that will have to wait until next week. Living in Texas, I expect it to be HOT but when the weather man says that it hasn't been this HOT since 1980, you know it's bad. We have had 16 consecutive days above 100* lately and it reached 106* plus more this week. Usually Texas has some really HOT days but it kind of fizzles out and we get some below 100* temperatures. Not this year. No rain in sight either.

I do have to say I am happy to report that people are not leaving their kiddos in the car and I hear about it on the news this year.

Back to the HOTness this year. It's HOT (did I mention that?) plus the air quality stinks and it humid. It's just not a fun atmosphere. So there has been a lot of indoor activities and exercise. I can tell you I dread walking outside by 11am since we are usually in the upper 90*s and it is miserable already.

I'm ready for the cooler temps. How about you?

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