Sunday, April 17, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

Today I am overwhelmed and unsure of what life will be like after graduation. I am hurt by a few people who said they were friends and then repeatedly stabbed me in the back over the fast few months. I got screwed. There, I said it. I will not apologize for nothing because I did nothing wrong. I don't appreciate some saying one thing and then doing the complete opposite.

I graduate in 27 days. GASP!! I have no clue what I will be doing or where I will be teaching. Texas' budget crisis sucks and is not a hopeful sight for fall job openings. I will take any job I can get. I'm not kidding with that. I love children and want to teach but if I have to sit in an office until this settles down I will. I am hopeful this does not happen.

I am in the midst of my MEGA-CAPSTONE project. For 5 extra points, it's due Tuesday at 4. It will be done then. I am tired of looking at it. :) It's not that it is hard. It is spending over 12 hours looking at the screen, completing what needs to go in it, creating in folder hyperlinks, and action buttons. All I have left is to write 5 reflections on my best pieces, create a powerpoint to showcase them, insert multiple, if not a hundred, hyperlinks/action buttons, and write a 2 page reflection. Easier when the first of the semester started...but I have a massive dose of senioritis.

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