Sunday, April 17, 2011

For the LOVE of flash drives

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I admit it. It's true. I have fallen in love with...flash drives.

Known as thumb drives, USBs, sticks, flash drives, and "those things you stick into computers."

My flash drives, yes I have four, have held up incredibly well and I've never had a problem with them.

I never really appreciate flash drives until my senior year of college. Granted, I used them in high school and college but have never had to rely on one, small little drive, to protect my most valued project. You see, if I don't do the senior project, I don't graduate. So I've been working on my project to transfer to a CD for a long time now.

This little sucker, like the ones above, have saved my sanity more than once this past month. I'm now hooked on flash drives. :) The unlimited space, the ever correcting documents, and the drops on the carpet never have slowed down my flash drive.

Now I wish CD drives were as cooperating as flash drives.

Happy Monday!!

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