Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day cards

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It is no secret that I love my school that I am student teaching at. The kids and teachers, alone, are wonderful. Monday is Valentine's day and our school only allows valentine cards. No candy or sweet treats. In fact, there is a Federal law (Nutrition) that states that students cannot be given anything, in class, with the first ingredient as sugar. It works out for the better anyways. I mean who wants a hyped-up child in their classroom all day long? No me thank you very much!

So I created an idea. Since I teacher multiple classes, I am making homemade Valentine's day cards for all of my students and their classes. One K class, one 1st grade class, one 2nd grade class, 2 fourth grade classes, and a few fifth graders. The number is just south of 100 and I believe I can do it. So I am getting red paper, a few markers, and going to town. Each card will say: Dear x, Happy Valentine's Day!! I am so glad I have you in my class. Love, Ms. H. Every child loves mail and to make a child's day is pretty cool. The students at my school have crappy home lives and all they want and crave is love.

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