Friday, February 18, 2011

Student Teaching: week 5

Monday was a great day. It was one of the hottest days of the week too. In 2nd grade, we started hinting that the end of the 6 weeks was on Friday. For a moment, the kids thought they had no more school after Friday. It was too funny after they learned "the truth." I got to work one on one with a struggling fourth grader & really enjoyed it. I finally feel "apart" of the school instead of a guest. It's nice.

Tuesday: Today was a long day. It was HOT & the A/C has not been turned on yet. Nearing 80+* and 25 bodies in one class is difficult. In social studies (2nd), we talked about good citizens & characteristics. Let me just say that my students thought rappers were good examples. It was interesting. There is one student who thinks that he is a bonafide rapper & has got the moves to show it. It's quite comical. The fourth graders had benchmarking today so I spent time working with fifth graders & fluency (accuracy, rate, and expression). They were so quite.

Wednesday: Not much happened today. It was hot, the kids were pretty good, & the fourth graders were wild. I have a feeling that benchmark made them antsy the day after. Just smile and nod. I did have a kindergartener get mad at me and intentionally pull my hair. Ouch! Getting her to let go was a chore. I worked with a fifth grader, in tutoring, and have to say that comprehension is tough but she's a hard worker.

Thursday: Today was a long, exhausting, and difficult day. No one listened, I was nearly punched, one child smacked another child with a stick, a new unit was stared, and there were many absent. I got to tutor, again, and am working with second graders and sounds. An example would be " e a say ea like in meat." It was fun. Seeing that lightbulb click is cool.

Friday: Today was a great day. No one got sent to the office, I had the student who growls at me greet me nicely and smile at me, and received many hugs and grins. One of the most rewarding times, today, was when I got to read out loud to my students. I liked rewarding them for their hard work. I had the KG student be in a great mood today, and got to work with my 4th graders for 3 hours. I really could see myself teaching fourth as well. While students were making up work or correcting papers, I got to br "in charge" while the teacher worked with students. It was so cool. :)

I also talked to my principal today and found out I get to stay in SPED for the rest of my Student Teaching. While I won't be in one classroom, I will get to see my same students and work with an experienced, SPED teacher. I'm excited. I also got evaluated by my SPED teacher & did well. Today was a great day!!

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