Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

Yesterday, my pastor died. He was only in his mid-fifties. This devastated me. He was a spiritual leader and was a friend. I looked up to him and he had counseled me in the past. Yesterday, he died of a complication of brain surgery where surgeons attempted to fix a brain bleed. Yesterday, I realized that life is precious. Yesterday, I thanked God again and again for my family and friends. Yesterday, I had a bad dream of my family dying too.

I realize that any life is precious. From the womb to adulthood, all life is precious. No one wants a family member to leave them early. No one wants to face death in its face. No one wants to mourn a loss of a loved one. Everyone just wants love and life. While talking to my mom, she reminded me that God has plans that we don't understand and it is difficult, at first, to deal with it. No one can really plan for an unexpected death. It just happens. I've heard the saying "we make plans; God laughs." While death is difficult to swallow, life will go on.

Life is precious!!

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