Saturday, December 11, 2010

What not to do at a college graduation

Today, I attended two college graduations. It was a bunch of fun and I really enjoyed them. I did, however, find some people's behavior and lack of respect interesting and totally disrespectful. My college president did say "this is a college graduation not a pep rally" before the names were called. He also said to wait until after all the names, per college, were called before making lots of noise clapping.

So to give you a feel for what I am going to list, I'll tell you, first, where I sat. I was in the top left corner with a friend. We were shoved closest to the wall as a family arrived late. Keep that in mind.

Top 5 things NOT to do at a graduation:

** Hoop and holler when you see a professor on stage

** Hoop and holler while a speaker is speaking

** Yell out "that's my sister" from the back of the auditorium

* Hoop and Holler when you were asked to just stand for your person

** Make a scene when your person is called and hold up the ceremony

It was that bad and comical at the same time. People these days!! It was an interesting experience and I can't believe I will be walking that stage in May (gulp).

You can laugh now!!

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