Monday, October 25, 2010

Torn with frustration

Today has just not been a good day. One professor told me that my homemade book was a "good try but then to look at my friend's and how perfect it was." Then today I was slammed with another comment that I am not sure how to take. So I am telling you and still processing it.

After my exam, for another class, my disabilities coordinator told me that my professor suggested that I take my tests in his class instead of a separate room. I have a semi-college IEP that allows me to have accommodations in time and place where I take my test. I talk to myself and would be a distraction to others. I told my disabilities person that it would not go over well since I would be a distraction to others and would make my test grade would be not too hot. I was told, by my disabilities coordinator, to tell my professor that. I mention that I study all.the.time and my grades show that. He commented that my professor had said something about my high grades to him.

I am torn since I study like a crazy person. I do not cheat yet study on a daily basis. My grades are high because I try my best and give 100% most of the time. My grades are high because I am a perfectionist. My grades are HIGH because I try my hardest.

I am upset that the professor thinks my grades are suspicious. I may have Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and a other issues-but does that mean I can't get high grades? I am just torn on what to think.

I am torn and just don't like it!!

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