Sunday, October 10, 2010

I don't like confrontation

Seriously, y'all, confrontation and I are like oil and vinegar. We don't mix or jive well. I like to make everyone supposedly happy and upbeat. I don't like to hurt people and sure don't like to see people cry. I'm a motherly figure and (was told) born as a 40 year old. So when I had to confront one of my Section Editors below me. It.was.time.consuming.and.interesting, to say the least. My sister and dad were channeled as they both know how to argue, well, and my sister can give pretty good advice on how to stand your own ground.

The confrontation happened around 4:30 on Thursday. I stood my ground, made someone admit their mistakes, and made the girl cry. I was, according to my advisor, mean. After the confrontation, my advisor of the paper (who sat in) told me that I kind-of attacked the girl. This, in my opinion, is not true. She (the section editor) raised her voice, so I raised mine. My advisor may think I "attacked" my Section Editor but seriously, if she caused me so much trouble, it was time for me to tell her. I was straight and to the point, and stood my ground.

My sister was proud and my mom too. My sister, who completely talked me through how to get in a confrontation, was an amazing supporter and in my corner from the first second I asked her for help.

Ultimately this had to happen. There was no way around calling someone out (on the carpet) about them not doing their job. Maybe it could have gone better-maybe not. Fortunately, for me, my sister talked me through the whole confrontation bit and could probably had done so in her sleep. ;) She's good at it--I'm still learning. I felt h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. about being mean but life goes on and at the end of the day...I think the girl got why this confrontation had to occur.

But still...I don't like confrontation!!

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