Monday, October 11, 2010

Developing a turtle's shell

It's no secret to my family and close friends that I'm the Editor for my university newspaper. I love my job (most of the time) and have learned so much over the past FOUR years. BUT I have also had to create a turtle's shell in the process. I have people, on a daily basis, who like to give me advice or their "opinions." I've had to learn how to be mean, sometimes, as well as stand my ground and be the editor that I know I can be.

On a daily basis, I get emails about story ideas, questions, comments, suggestions, and why certain things "should be done." I have to think of what is best for my staff as well as the paper in itself. This, has been, stressful and almost tear jerking at times. Some are so set in their ways that I will get looks and attitudes if I try to, heaven forbid, change anything.

This is where my turtle's shell has come into play. A turtle's shell is like the armor that protects a turtle and it's body. Without a shell, a turtle would be vulnerable and weak. Turtles have to fend off predators and harmful beings. A turtle's shell is ROCK SOLID and I kind of feel like this Editor's position has allowed me to grow a turtle's shell.

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My turtle shell allows me to be as strong as the shell, itself, and the shell also protects me from the bad (comments & criticism). My turtle shell also has the power of making me feel strong, inside. Information, in the newspaper business, is HUGE and I feel that this shell has allowed me to take the information, given to me, and use my best judgement on how to proceed. I am told, on several occasions, that the newspaper rests on my shoulders and this, to me, is a HUGE undertaking. It's sometimes scary and difficult to swallow.

Sure it's been rough on more than one occasion but I am working on using my shell as a protector of me, as the person, and not just the editor. My role, in the newspaper, may be the Editor, but outside of this position, I am a college student who still needs a turtle's shell for protection.

Do you have a turtle shell?

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