Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sensory issues in real life

If you don't know, I have sensory processing disorder (along with learning issues) and textures are a difficult concept for me to grasp (literally). I have to keep my hands busy, am anxious half the time with the world around me, and struggle to really feel satisfied as I am in a sensory world. If it's soft, it has to be fabric softener soft. If it's shiny, I have to touch it. If it's wet, I am there. If it has a poky texture, don't even ask me to touch it.

When I was younger, I worked with an Occupational Therapist to help me identify when I had "sensory overload issues," fine motor issues, gross motor issues, and delayed skills. From cutting with scissors to button snapping to aiding in my handwriting. I found OT incredibly important to my life and how to learn what to do when I feel overwhelmed. OT was actually very soothing and helped me in my educational and social life.

To keep my hands busy, I use fidgits, thera-puddy, stress balls, manipulatives, and anything that will calm me down. It's just a sensory thing that helps me strive for excellence in the classroom and in life.

A few websites that I have found extememly helpful are for parents looking for sensory and OT related materials:

Fun and Function Thera-puddy, figits, manipulatives, special needs toys and sensory aids.

Autism shop
Not just for autism: books, manipulatives, resources, and ideas for sensory and special education.

Southpaw Anything you need as far as OT related materials.

I don't consider myself weird, I just consider myself unique. There is nothing wrong with the way I learn or if I need figits to keep me calm.

It's just me!!

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