Friday, August 27, 2010

Random thoughts


I am so glad that Friday is here! Time to chill, relax, get back on a schedule, do homework, watch a movie or two on tv, cook, try new things, do laundry, and just enjoy life! I am psyched for tonight's meal since I am making rosemary oven chicken & rosemary roasted oven veggies! I have been thinking about this all day! Seriously!

This week was really weird for me! I could not go to sleep on time, had early mornings, some stress, & a few (more like 100+) emails. I woke up cold two mornings this week. Texas actually had low 60s in the mornings. It was crazy!

I am still missing my family and dogs! :) Something about football just riles me up. I am so proud of my varsity, O-Line and Defense Brother!

I am starting to get nervous about taking my first EC-6 PPR certification test next Friday. I have to be at the test center at 7:30. :-o! Sure I will study and review but it's just weird already taking certification tests. ;)

I am so ready for fall!!!

Did I mention that I am so glad it's Friday!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!!

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