Friday, August 6, 2010

Apparently I give a hoot

I had every intention in posting a happy and loving post but that will have to wait for another day. I have hit several walls this summer and have been stabbed in the back more than once. Apparently I give a hoot, unlike a few others, about decisions that affect me and my future. Tonight, at almost 10pm, I was emailed and told I was not needed on a committee. This is something I really wanted. This is something that I could be on and voice my concerns.

If this were my first time not being picked, I would understand. But this is the third or fourth time this summer someone has made a decision for me that impacts my future. I honestly do not know why I try so hard and get my hopes up to be let down. I, apparently, give a hoot about my future and who I impact along the way!

I am upset, angry, and frustrated that this decision was made at the cost of me. I am angry that I was not picked for this committee. I am frustrated that I received this news at nearly 10pm on Friday night. Who does this? Apparently, the committee head. Not professional or courteous at all. I will be following up with this person and letting him know that I would have appreciated until after the weekend or in a letter format. Almost 10pm on a Friday night is not my kind of let down, tyvm. A letter would have been more appropriate! I would have loved to have been told next week so it would not have ruined my weekend!

I will try to not let this get me down but it is difficult because one, I have trouble accepting & letting things go, and two because a change, that I could have brought up, in how the “big picture” of things was looked at needed to happen.

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