Sunday, August 8, 2010

Always say "I love you" & say it often

Life happens, we get busy, and accidents happen in an instant. Sometimes people are killed or injured therefore remember to always say "I love you." Say it over and over again.

My brother came home from a 2 week boy scout camp in DC on Thursday night. I missed him like crazy! When say goodnight, I said "good night sweet boy, I love you." He replied "love you too." We talked again and repeated "the love you and too" round. Those three words "I love you" means so much and can make someone feel special and loved.

Moral of the story-say "I love you" often and over and over again! It will make some one's day and make them feel special. Either in the car, on the bus, in a plane, or while walking down the street, tell someone "I love you" and mean it!

"I love you" is priceless!!!

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