Friday, August 13, 2010

It's football time & a brag

Let me paint you a picture! It was 105* in Dallas on Friday night. My brother played in a 3 hour scrimmage against three other teams. They had breaks and we got there at 6pm. He did good and is a freshman in high school! It was hot!!! I went through four water bottles. The sun was beating down on me most of the time. I did see a beautiful sunset though! The smell of sweat was in the air. Great conversation happened in the stands. It was hot! Did I already mention that?

All four teams looked great! One player, from another team, was taken off the field on a stretcher and in a C-collar! I am sending good thoughts and prayers to that family! They worked on him for a while on the field and in the ambulance. Something, the fear, I hope I never go through!

Brag on my brother-he is a freshman and one of the newest Varsity AND STARTING Offensive Line player as of 10pm on Friday night! He is 6 foot, 1.5 inches, and is all muscle! He is a stud and I am very proud of him! I don't have a recent pict of him as he despises picture taking. I'll work on that. I am sure you will be getting more info and stats as I know them.

Did I mention...
I love football?!?!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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