Friday, March 5, 2010

Show us your life: What is a typical day like?

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

My life at a glimpse:

5:30-My alarm goes off and I groan and the fact that it feels like I have barely gotten any sleep.


6:20-Show my super powers to take a lightening fast shower; take meds for allergies and reflux.

6:35-Get dressed and prep hair for the day (not that it takes long) ;)

6:45-Get back pack ready and put water bottles in it.

6:50-Eat a small breakfast

7:15-Grab a cup of coffee

7:30-Arrive at school and head to class. I am usually the first one there so I reread over things and check my planner for the day.

* Monday/Wednesday @ 1-2:30 (1 class)
* Tuesday from 8am-8:45 pm (5 classes)
* Thursday from 8am-4:20pm (4 classes)
* Friday from 8am-11:30am (1 class)

After class activities:
* Tutor on Monday afternoons and Wednesday after 5pm.
* Student Congress and Education Honors Society mtgs on Monday nights.
* Newspaper meeting on Tuesday at 9pm (cruddy time I know)
* Volunteer at a neighborhood house on Wednesday afternoons from 3-5.
* Alpha Phi Omega (national community service fraternity) meeting on Thursday at 5:30.
* Babysit on Friday afternoons.

Dinner sometime between activities and classes (usually 5:30ish)

Sometimes I hit the library at night depending on what I need to get done.

* M-W-F-check email and do homework from 7-10ish each night. Shower!
* T-get home around 10:30pm, shower and crash.
* Th-get home and chill a little while doing hmwk and trying to get to bed at a decent time. Shower!

Bedtime around 10-11pm. Lately it has been around 11-12.

Rest and repeat the next day!


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