Friday, February 5, 2010

Tested strength

This week has been tough! I normally handle pressure, stress, and life pretty darn well but this week is like a slap in the face...literally!

The school newspaper has been having trouble with one of our editors and the editor and I finally had to sit her down this afternoon and have it out. It stunk...big time.

Tests & Projects overall consume my life right now and it is not fun!

My wireless internet refuses to work in my apartment...and it's driving me NUTS!

I have (the size of fire ants) black ants in my apartment and can't get rid of them.

Then one of my professors was chosen for jury duty this week and was out all week long. Problem: we have a HUGE presentation that was assigned Wednesday due Monday and I have no idea how to do it. Crud!

My week has been filled with multiple meetings and my head is about to pop!

I am stressed, tired, and feel like being strong is not my strong suit right now. Sure I handle stress and life well but I feel as if that is being used against me this week. I guess since I act strong all the time but am crumbling inside right now. I am only human and can not and will not allow myself to be pulled in multiple directions by other people.

I am only human people

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