Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'm back & thank you

HOLY MOLY batman! This past week almost took the best out of me. Between our school newspaper getting scammed to my truck and all its insurance drama to little sleep and much stress...I think I survived!

First of all...THANK YOU for your prayers and good vibes sent my way. I really appreciated it! I also needed them. So...THANK YOU!!!

I just, today, finished a 28 page unit for third graders. For a class, I have to teach for four days. My topic is on early colonization of America. We will discuss Native Americans, Explorers, and Pilgrims. I am literally relieved that this darn unit is done. Sitting in front of the computer screen for hours is not my cup of tea and looking at the same darn document for a week is not that fun. But it is mostly over and now comes the fun part...eek!

Short story-my newspaper got a call saying that a company, who had done a full page ad in our paper, was hacked into and the company's credit card was stolen. SO we are now working with the FBI and the company and our newspaper to get everything straightened out. This hit the fan on Wednesday evening.

My truck drama-The insurance companies are now involved and we are going back and forth with communication. That is a whole hassle and blessing in itself.

Stress & Little sleep-I promise you that I will get much more sleep this week. I got all worked up with this 28 page assignment and it took, literally, everything out of me. Since it is now done, I may be more pleasant this week.

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