Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

Holy Moly Batman! Monday already?! I think I need a few more days off please. MckMama is hosting her wonderful NMM so I thought I would participate today and give YOU a few laughs.

I did not take a much needed 4 hour, that's right, 4 hour nap this morning. I know I needed the sleep but come on people, 4 hours! I think I wowed myself.

I do not appreciate when professors give you full reign and say what they will not do (ie. tell me what to do) and then go back on their word and put their two cents in. SO frustrating today!

I am not excited about the snow the weather man is reporting...again!

I did not laugh at my sister when she said that Jillian Michaels looks like a guy and thinks I am nuts for doing her videos. But she gets up at A&M and does a boot camp at 5am. Nope not me! I would not like to stay in my heated apt and workout!

I did not plan to clean my apartment this morning but fail due to my nap. Guess that will just have to wait til Wednesday :o

Have a great week

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