Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I decided to start TT a night early...but I have reasons :o I have observing, in a kindergarten class and then my own classes, so I thought I would actually be "on time" with this post :) Hope YOU are having a GREAT week...mine has been eh and next week looks already looks blah...great, I know!

College is busy right now and I am in uncharted territory as I am in junior and senior level classes...lovely I know! My stress level is CRAZY right now and I really have no idea where the day goes by 11pm. But I will say that I know these crazy, stressed days WILL be worth it when I am finally doing what I love and that is teaching.

So here is my thankful list for this week:

** I am thankful for those who teach kindergarten, preschool, and the little ones have PATIENCE and I am extremely wowed at what you have to do each day.

** I am thankful to those who have a true calling to teach and treat their students with respect.

** I am thankful for professors and advisers who care.

** I am thankful for friends and family who listen, support, and encourage.

** I am thankful for good reads and movies.

** I am thankful to have HIM forgive my sins on a daily basis.

** I am thankful to be able to know my calling, from HIM, is teaching and to specifically be in college to eventually teach EC-6 & Special Education.

So there you have it...a list of seven thankful things this week. Sure I have much more to add, but these have specifically blessed my life this past week. If you have been playing along...thank you! I am not always able to comment after TT but I do read all of the posts/comments/lists.

So if you want to join along...great. If you want to leave your list in the comment section that is fine too.

Have a blessed day!!!

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