Monday, October 12, 2009


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HAPPY MONDAY to all you blog readers! I hope you had a great weekend!!! Monday is here and it is my favorite day on blogland as MckMama created the fantastic idea of NMM. So it is time to divulge your secrets and say what you did not do this past week. You can make it fun or interesting...but is therapy for some of us ;) is my list...

** I did not drop my hair tie OR my razor blade into the toilet TWICE this past week...nope not me!

** I did not act l-a-z-y this weekend and do very little except cook, blog, hang out, and sleep! weekend are very productive ;)

** I have not heard that little voice inside of me a few times this past week and actually have listened and said "NO" to commitments this past week. Nope...I never take on too much!

** I am not fighting flies or ants in my apartment...nope...not me!

** I did not sleep for 12 hours on Thursday night...nope...and it did not feel GREAT!

** I am not cringing at the fact that TX weather is UP and DOWN for the rest of the week!

** I am not jealous that it is SNOWING in MN right now!

Have a super Monday!!!

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