Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Ramblings

I am taking it upon myself to ramble bare with me :)

** I took a two hour and forty minute test yesterday. It was hellacious...let me tell you. That was my SIXTH test of the week. Oh and I had TWO HUGE presentations this I am glad it is Friday people.

** It was 90+* yesterday and today is 45* and raining...oh Texas weather! Gotta just laugh :o

** I slept for 12 hours last night and it was HEAVEN. So you moms who gave me a hard time about being up late this week...I finally slept more than 6 hours and it feels like HEAVEN!!!

** I LOVE the cooler weather outside...this just is the icing on top of my cake today.

** Oh & I am excited about baking/cooking tonight...I think I am making pumpkin bake, chocolate cookies (w/new recipe), and mashed sweet potatoes (with of course brown sugar and favorite)!

FALL has arrived in the small town and I LOVE it!


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